Do I cringe at the sight of a sentence ending in a preposition? What about the Oxford Comma? Do I spend my nights arguing about it with my fellow proofreaders? If you start a sentence with a conjunction, will I turn you over to the grammar police?

Nothing quite so extreme, although I may need to intervene if you prefer to add an ‘s’ to a possessive word already ending in an ‘s’. What the customer says goes, but I have my limits.



Moose Proofreading is here to help. We provide proofreading and editing services to ensure your writing is perfect. Alternatively, we could do the writing for you with our new copywriting service! Follow the link below to learn more.

For clients requiring multiple services, get in touch and we can arrange a bundle to suit your requirements.

Document Flags


£12.00 per 1,000 words

We have worked with businesses on a variety of documents in the past, including annual reports, course catalogues and presentations.